Seminal plasma FTW

Table 2
Non-steroidal hormones and their seminal plasma concentrations in fertile/normozoospermic men

It’s got tiny, negligible amounts of really good things (oxytocin, norepinephrine, etc.). But it feels great! So I like getting jizz in the womb.

Doesn’t make me one iota less of a passionate, ardent feminist.

I was a bit surprised and taken aback by the resistance and overall negative regard that cum in the pussy has for a relatively diverse group of women I encounter on a pod I like to hear. I mean, obviously, don’t do it if you fear disease/anxiety about it, and don’t do it with someone you don’t trust (and for some people, that still may include their long-term partners). But that’s not the jizz’s fault xD

Ejaculation is not linked to morality or ethics. It’s just a nice sensation (for me), and after a year of misfortunes, I’m glad I’m more or less satisfied with my current sex life: I’m effectively in a fuck pod with two men I really like (the guy with the long ass dick I recently started fucking, and my ex). We’re all allowed to fuck outside of said fuck pod, but with protection, obviously.

Otherwise, I get to screw them silly, skin to skin, as Mother Earth intended 😛

I would definitely prefer one more (reliable, continuous, good) sex partner, but I feel like I’d be tempting fate to increase the size of the fuck pod. So, if I do meet someone else that I like -for fucking-, I’d keep their johns under wraps. I feel the possibilities of disaster exponentially increase the more people you add to a fuck pod, and I’m nothing if not a careful appraiser of odds (“thank you” C-PTSD, lol).

At first I thought I’d want no one else if I got to fuck these two more often but, actually, I think I’d be bored with that. Not that the sex is bad, but it’s maintenance sex, you know? I’d still drop them in a heartbeat if I were 1)in love 2)in a loving relationship. Still, humans need touch and embraces, and I literally touch no one the rest of the time, so yeah, I’d like a third musketeer to join my monthly roster (however, this one would be wrapped).

I feel I could tell you more but it’s so late and I’m so hungry, but I do promise to come back soon with my impressions on Outlander, that show is bananas and I love it 😀

Seminally yours,