A gait-modifying fuck

Ok, so I met this guy. He’s tall but has terrible posture, but he’s so sweet, so caring, so nice, that I don’t care. Besides, horizontally, he looks perfect 😛 What is it about sex that’s so uplifting? Honestly, it’s is my absolute favorite way to de-stress, bar none. I guess because it’s just all-around positive, whereas when you drink or do drugs, you wake up fucked up. So I rarely (if ever) drink, and don’t do drugs. I’d do psychedelics if I wasn’t touching anyone, but given the choice, I’ll always go with a good and good for you fuck 😀

So, I get to his place, and we’re talking, and I can’t really tell whether he’s comfy or anxious, I think it’s a mixture of both. He’s on the spectrum, so while he may not be that visibly expressive, I love that he’s quite expressive with his thoughts and needs, so after an hour or so of talking and what not, I go to the bathroom to pee and decide to bring up genitalia casually, lol, going: Oh, I took a bit longer because I’m used to washing my pussy after peeing, but I noticed you don’t have a bidet sprayer so… And he took the bait, and went: or we can take a shower together. And I’m like, yeah, but I did it and he’s like: yeah, we can skip that step. And I’m like: and go to the bedroom?

And boom. The dick I’ve seen a few times online, finally, in all its fleshy glory. What is it about super skinny tall guys with the FAT ASS DICKS? Jesus Fucking Christ. I’m surprised that thing didn’t jump into the canal and made it to open waters, it was fucking gigantic.

He’s such a gentle kisser, I love that form of kissing, but as we get more into it, I do like a bit of pressure and for his mouth to “desperately” seek mine, you know? Oh well, no one can be the perfect lay, right?

But that dick and his stamina? That shit is in the 99.99th percentile. He fucked me for hours.


Hours 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥

At first, I honestly didn’t think we could do much because even if I were at my most relaxed, I didn’t think my tight ass pussy could take ALL of that. We did take several breaks and he was the most accommodating, but I think what eventually got me creamed enough to fully take him in was to see how into it (and me, by extension) he was. Can’t even focus to write more about this fuck sesh. Truly, it’s like a bit over an hour in the train between his place and mine, and whenever I thought of the fuck sesh, I would bite my lips, such a pleasurable night. Gahdamn.

Truly, the marriage between a tight pussy and a big dick is like this sexual event that should always be celebrated. I wish this was 2000 years ago (not really) and there was a temple where I could light candles in gratitude for having been so thoroughly and politely railed (really).

Last time I rode a guy was Red, in February. But we’d been fucking like 2-3 times in a row, so I was feeling awkward and I think him as well, oh and my bed was squeaking like crazy, so I desisted. Didn’t come. Yesterday? It hurt to fully sheathe him but oh god, what a delicious fucking pain. So I took some time, and then rode the shit outta him, and I came so hard.

Biting my lower lip.

What can I say? I still got it. With my ex I didn’t rode him more than a few times, and never more than a few movements because he wasn’t as stiff. Last time I rode a guy and came (his dick was fat but not as long as this guy) would be 2019. Both guys stayed hard, they were turned all the way on 😛

And to think he was a “maybe” for me! Guys not on my main city and/or with vests tend to be a no for me. I really am looking for a relationship and I wouldn’t be with someone that doesn’t live close enough because the train rides would fuck me up (and for fucking, I always assume the city would be enough). And I don’t fuck with guys in vests because I immediately assume polyamory, and idk, that shit is too many custom brews and magic tricks for me to enjoy.

I don’t think men with traditionally attractive faces should be worshipped. I don’t think men with money should be worshipped. I totally think that men with big dicks who fuck you for hours and hold your face oh so sweetly during breaks to tell you you are so pretty should be worshipped.

But alas, this great lay has some ToS attached. Can’t really be a too-frequent lay, he’s got a friend he fucks on the reg (no idea how often), but I’d settle for twice a month. Oh, I’d be set with twice a month. And that’s the only woman he’s ever been with (until me, now), so I know socialization is hard and tricky for him. But he was pretty sweet and accommodating, I think it’s just lack of exposure. I hope he assimilates the experience in a mostly positive way after the feeling of overwhelm fully subsides (he mentioned feeling anxious this morning) and that we can bone again. He did reiterate he had a lot of fun today, and once again, he is oh so sweet. His sweetness is like a cherry on top of his big dick cake.

Really, my hips feel looser and my posture is better after last night 😛

Pleasurably yours,