The rapey Dutch (TV)

At the end of April, a disgusting TV host named Johan Derksen told a story (complete with hand gestures) about how he put a candle inside a drunk woman when she was unconscious -during his soccer player days in a small town). The next day, he amended, saying he simply stood the candle between her legs, but inserted nothing.

I love that saying from 300: May you live forever.

From his Wikipedia page (Dutch):

The last paragraph reads: In the two matches that Derksen played against (the team) Cambuur, he committed fouls on both occasions against Johan Vlietstra, whose parents had hosted Derksen in (their home in) Leeuwarden (Cambuur’s town).

A different time, he also put a player in a stretcher, while the crowd chanted: Pervert! Pervert!

His team had to flee escorted by police, as fans were ready to assault him.

For some goddamned reason, a sports writer decided to shadow him for 4 days during his 20s, in which he recounted:

The text in blue: The brothel is a no-go. The women are of low caliber and do not wish to be in the background for the story’s photo. (Turns out) during the day they are dutiful housewives.

Did he receive any reproach, was his career over after this? Of course not. Of course not.

Years later, as a TV commentarist: Clubs that move to areas with a lot of Moroccan families quickly go to shit.

And now, a double whammy: Sexist and racist.

Of Sylvana Simons, now a member of the House of Representatives: That hysterical little miss is running around proud like a monkey.

Not to leave people with disabilities or sexual minorities behind, here he goes, spewing even more hate:

People who play with darts have borderline Down Syndrome. They are circus folk, very ordinary pub types.
Gays need to stop acting like coming out of the closet is that hard.

And so on and so on, but I don’t wanna dig any further into his filth, as this story really fills me with rage. His co-hosts laughed. Not one person questioned or sanctioned what he said. Not one man displayed in any way disgust over his share.

Just put the Auto-translate to English, the clip is already (officially) translated to Dutch.

He makes 0.8 millions per season. An admitted rapist that has not apologized, nor has he been fired, nor has he been charged, makes almost a million euro per season.

And starting Monday, his rapey show will be back.

You know how books and movies always say that during sex, people will tell you anything? Well, here are some things that Dutch men have told me about Dutch women (unprompted):

  1. Ugh, you’re so small, it’s so nice. Dutch women are giants, you don’t really enjoy sex at all (with them). Readers, he was looking at my pussy, since we were having cybersex. Needless to say, we did not progress to fucking irl.
  2. Sex dolls are called/used to be called Dutch wives, because the stereotype goes you would get the same type of excitement/movement from either. My ex, when I apparently misunderstood that moniker to mean that “Dutch men get no action, thus they buy dolls”. So, not his opinion per se, but explaining Dutch sex lore.
  3. You are so passionate, so confident. You really enjoy sex. Women here, they are very self-conscious and don’t really do much in bed. A GenZ’er I fucked a couple of years ago. Because I rode him. That’s it.

I don’t really fuck women, and I don’t have Dutch girlfriends, so I can’t hear their side of the story. But my takeaway from society here, based on news, non-sexual interactions I’ve been a part of (or witnessed), is Dutch women are very much not liberated. They have the “don’t explain, don’t complain” approach to sexism, meaning, they refuse to acknowledge any victimhood in the hopes that denial of sexism will make it recede its ugly head but, alas, it continues to rear it.

And they’re racist, and quite convinced there will be very little they will have in common with (brown) foreigners, but that’s only partially true, at least with me. We do have very little in common, but not based on my race or nationality.

I’m a feminist. Open and proud about it. Passionate about it. Hardcore love for my beliefs. As a whole, the Dutch population believe in very little. They just want things to keep working so they can complain about the weather and run away to some warm country for holidays. That is it.

When I first got here, I was taken aback by how little openly sexual harassment takes place here. I encountered no men walking disgustingly close to me, or whispering things into my ear as I walked by. Maybe from some distance, a whistle, or construction workers channeling their best seagull cry, calling Mooi, mooi mooi! (Pretty, cute, something like that. Or “hi”, in the northern dialect). I have had sexual harassment here, but again, it’s not as painfully visible as it is in LatAm.

When it comes to me, it’s obviously interlaced with racism, meaning, the male gaze becomes the male colonizer gaze, which depicts pleasure at the “cLeArLy SeXuAlLy PrOmIsCuOuS bRoWn WoMaN” in front of them. When it’s super gross, maybe there’s a quick licking of the lips. How do I know it isn’t about me specifically, about L? Because I walk around in baggy clothing, without a lick of makeup, and barely gathered hair -with a patch of grey at the front. Glasses and a penetrating gaze to boot. No smile (unless earned). Before they can eve take even a fleeting glimpse (much less acknowledgement) at my personhood, they have already made so many assumptions about my purpose (to serve them), my pleasure (to fuck them), my raison d’etre (to please them).

When it comes to white women, I’d say it’s more interrupting them when they talk, lying to them when in a relationship, and, oh yeah, fully expecting them to breed and stop working, or work and keep the children since the fathers cannot be bothered.

Protestants are gonna protest their fatherly obligations, ba-by!

So, this flavor of rapist missionary will go on and on about the evils of sex, while fathering mixed-raced kids and not acknowledging their rights as human beings. That’s what the Dutch forefathers were all about.

That’s what the Dutch men think more or less today. Women do indeed belong in the kitchen and with the kids, and they’re simply not openly harassed because the brand of Christianism that made this country makes this men 1)suck at sex 2)be embarrassed of sex as a whole.

This is how Spanish people (and especially men) make themselves feel better about colonizing LatAm: they fucked everybody, and denied their mixed-race offspring until certain tones of whiteness were achieved. But there was no real shame about fucking everybody. Europeans from further up north are more of a “let’s just get rid of the entire population and substitute it with Negroes” type of colonizers.

So, it’s not that women here are more respected or cherished in any way. They’re still considered shit, they just won’t be raped or stoned to death in a perfectly lit street.

Johan Derksen’s story was celebrated by his co-hosts. He raped a woman WITH A CANDLE. And the men at the table (and around it, as idiots around this country cannot wait to gather at that TV set) laughed about it.

Show me the strong voices of feminism in the Netherlands, right now. I dare you. You can’t find them. They get called monkeys when they’re Black (and a lot of great Dutch feminist voices are indeed Black women):

My idol, my muse, the educator I aspire to be: Gloria Wekker, author of White Innocence:
Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race.

And that show is coming back! Men AND WOMEN are claiming that 1)there’s more important things to be done, like going through rape kits and solving current cases of sexual assault, as the Netherlands only clears about a third annually. 2)He didn’t really mean it, and people are making a fuzz over nothing. 3)He explained it better the next day (when he denied it), and the fact that people can’t take jokes anymore is why the wOkE wArS are ruining this country.

I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that the loudest voices are simply asking for his return. No equally (or greater) loud voices are clamoring for his prosecution. He wasn’t fired, he decided to quit because he was asked to apologize. Apologize to whom, were his actual words, in fact. The judicial branch said they’d look into his own allegations, but nothing else was heard.

Every country is a grab-them-by-the-pussy country, but this really puts the Netherlands on par with seedy, grabby, escandalous countries such as those in LatAm or Southern Europe (gasp!).

There’s no shame in the game. No shame in the rape. No shame in Dutch TV. They’re bringing him back. He and his two clowning enablers.

The bald fuck in the middle, Renee van der Gijp, has also faced allegations of sexual misconduct. Of course, dear reader, nothing was officially investigated, duh!

Just imagine waking up with a huge hangover, and physical pain in your genitals. Finding yourself violated in such a way. Immediately embarrassed because, again, that’s what victims of sexual abuse tend to do: blame themselves. Imagine that she didn’t wake up alone, that someone else saw her in that state, and woke her up, or took photos, or whatever. Just imagine how much shame and self-hate you’d derive if you were to find yourself in the position Johan Derksen put that woman into.

And then seeing his career soar. And then seeing him kill your soul again by retelling his filth (which he was telling as a way to save the network’s son, that has been nationally reproached for sexual abuse allegations, hence calling that guy, Johnny de Mol, and his own instance of abuse, youthful sins).

And yet again, no one ever puts a stop to him.

I find this story so so triggering. I hate this fucking guy. In spite of growing up in an abusive household (his dad beat him up regularly), this in no way helped him understand or become in any way more empathetic to the plight of others, much less women or minorities.

And this society that thinks itself very prim and proper, the Dutch have made his show the most watched on Dutch television, for years now. So as you can see, the big men are needed back at work.

Who else but them will profit as well as they do from the pain of “the others”? What other shitty ministers will get on the highest pulpit of the land to remind their fellow nationals to hate as much as possible, but still under the guise of legality, those with vaginas, those who changed their gender or want to, those who love the ones with the same body parts as them, those that are brown, those that are black. Those with neurodivergence and those with physical or mental disabilities.

Who will uphold the White supremacy in the Netherlands but this trio of kanker eikels? Who will continue to sow the seeds of divide and distrust if not this pack of low, low little men?

Maybe these streets look better than the ones in LatAm. Maybe most families can travel abroad once (or more) every year for the holidays. Maybe their economic policies get to further sink developing countries into the hole, and the precious metals and minerals they got, while stolen, have been converted into nice jewelry and sold at the highest bidder, thus instilling “pride” in their nationals.

But when you have a piece of shit old fart gleefully declare on live TV that he inserted a big candle into an unconscious woman’s vagina, and his co-hosts laugh, and he’s taken off the air for 2 weeks, and then promptly returned to TV, then now you know.

You’re as shitty as the rest of us. If not more. What happened to good ole Dutch exceptionalism? Cause the privilege of this White fart, I gotta tell you…you’re handling it like any other country in the Global South.

You just told women, girls, and every victim of abuse, that when a man is White, and Dutch, and rich, and famous, he can do no wrong. Ever.

Not just the brown women, not just the foreign girls. Not just the poor victims. You just told everyone, in no uncertain terms, that some people (White men) are above everybody:

Aren’t White countries supposed to model strength and dignity above all? Here is just a small sample of the international media reporting on this creep.

I still can’t believe he wasn’t fired on the spot. I was still holding on to some notion that things are done better here. Clearly, I was fucking wrong.

Dutch men may suck at sex, but they sure are proud of rape.

And just like hWhite women put Trump in the presidency in 2016 #iGotMine #BetterGetYours, so are men of every race, and women of every race, defending this walking waste on TV. There are no big voices calling this what it is: a fucking disgrace. Only that guy, Arjen Lubach, from the clip above, has shown any clear reproach about this incident. Everyone else calls for a debate on the topic.

You know what, I’m sure there’s more to say, but I’m not gonna say it. I’m tired and I had a long night getting other shit ready. But now you know about the mental state of the Dutch.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you they’re cool up here. They’re tolerant of rape, because people shouldn’t be cancelled, they should be listened to.

In indignation, I bid you adieu.


It saddens me and makes me fearful to think that people are not up in arms for that (now) old lady. She could be feeling terrible right now, and if by some miracle she sees this, I hope she knows I see him for what he is: a RAPIST. And I see her for what she is: a woman that did NOT ask for this. Drinking and partying is not an invitation to be raped. I really really hope she doesn’t blame herself. Or you, dear reader, if you have also been the victim of abuse.