Your help is appreciated.

So, almost one year ago, I was making great strides with my phase 3 trauma therapist. So much so, that I had some extra cash and decided to buy a one-year subscription here in WordPress, to share my thoughts, diary style, about my treatment, life in general, politics, everything.

I’m not at liberty to spend on the blog atm, so I don’t know what happens if I don’t pay it again. I’m guessing reduced capabilities? But I only ever write, don’t really use it in any other way, so I guess I’m OK with that.

But in case y’all want me to keep the basic subscription plan, it was €48 last year (update: the renewal is only €18! Update #2: wait, no, they charge those things separately now. Sheesh!). So, €66:

*Looks at you pleadingly in Tom Sawyer drag*

I don’t really keep it open for comments because these are my innermost thoughts, and I’d feel extremely sensitive towards criticism/flattery, so I keep it closed. I assume on the donation block (if it’s still available, lol I’ll check) you can drop me a message? In any case, you’d get a thank you from me.

Only other time I ever asked for anything here, was for people to sign that online petition to put trigger warnings on a popular reality show, and no one signed, so I’m not holding my breath here. In case WordPress is super dramatic about their subscriptions, it was lovely sharing my thoughts online, and I’ll find a new outlet where I can also reach people without subscriptions (they wouldn’t delete my posts, would they?). Anyway, each and every one of you that read me/liked my posts made me feel less alone this year, and I consider y’all part of my firsts branching out efforts into this big o’le world, that as it turns out, it’s not that big after all 🙂

You have my heartfelt gratitude for making your awareness of my writing known to me, and instead of leaving it to WordPress, I’ll go now and find out what happens when I don’t pay, so I can leave y’all my new online residence, if need be.

Happy reading!

Communally together,